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“Leaving Song” by Andrew Austin OFFICIAL VIDEO

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Please watch this video, it’s a good song and people you know and (probably) like helped to make it:

Thank you to talented people who helped out. See the credits below:

Producer: Robbie McNamara
Director: Sarah Lasch
Director of Photography: Adam Crosby
Assistant Director: Kyle Patrick Sanderson
Art Director Derek Walker
Stylist: Brian Wong
Camera Operator: Tim Donnelly
Continuity: Danny Sinnett
Craft: May Sinnett
Production Assistant: Alexander Lasch
Editor: Andrea Agro
Mixed, recorded and engineered by: David Hermiston
And thanks to Andrew Smith for the use of his rooftop

Vocals and guitar: Andrew Austin
Drums: David MacDougall
Bass: Kurt Nielsen
Lead guitar: Kevin Neal

More work stuff

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Lately I have been very busy at work which leaves me not a lot of time for other stuff. That’s ok though, it’s just temporary. And with all this busy-ness there will be lots to show for it.

In related news, that ridiculously large I heart NY cup that I was making fun of in my entry last week has since become my goto cup at work. I will not drink from any other receptacle. Just try and make me. Pablo got an awesome milk steamer for the office and I brought in some white hot chocolate powder. This awesomeness + the espresso maker = mocha in a giant mug every morning. I’m cutting my Starbucks intake to 1 per week on Fridays as a reward for all my hard work and to get the Free Track of the Week card for iTunes. Last week it was Bedouin (not the nomadic desert tribe, the Soundclash)! OK, ok. I’m a corporate whore for one day a week. Sorry! Sue me! The rest of the time I make up for it by helping to make advertisements, mostly for the internet. Hrm.

Also, I was helping Nick do some QA (that is “testing for Quality Assurance” for those who don’t know what that is because they’ve have never had to) for a Facebook application one evening and we needed an image separated from a gradient background to put over a black background in the app, stat! No designers as far as the eye can see. So I popped it into photoshop, did a little magic eraser and voila! It’s in the app! I am excited to receive creative recognition for my contribution once we release this puppy. I’m glad you now know you can for sure call on me for your super basic graphic design needs that do not call for talent in graphic design. It’s the small victories that keep me going and this is for sure one of them.

I really heart NY today

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Giant I heart NY cup!

like really really! This mug from the work cupboard is ridic! It’s competing with my face for largeness.

I also have 851 spam comments to delete on my blog reminding me that I am a bad blogger… But who’s not these days?? Just wanted to drop in and say hi since I haven’t in a while.

Two More Time Video Shoot

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

It was my bday and it was a video shoot and here are some teaser pictures! Oh, it makes you so interested right? One take video, no cuts! Very fun.

jay and jon shooting
Jon was the DP and Jay was the focus puller and a whole lot more as crew was tight. We only got everyone down to the beach and started rehearsing as the sun was going down so… Miraculous that it went off ok. (Photo credit: Elizabeth Kerim)

prepping the shot
Jon looked really cool wearing his steady cam equipment. I want to show you the other tonnes of people in the video and the set, but that would spoil everything. EVERYTHING. (photo credit: Angèle Morgan)

Me directing
This is my debut directing look I’m giving Andrew Austin! Can you tell I practice it often? (Photo credit: Elizabeth Kerim)

Andrew Austin Two More Time
Andrew is totally in character here. He’s a real acting talent. We asked the dog politely to leave and luckily he agreed that he didn’t want to ruin our shoot. How big of him. (photo credit: Angèle Morgan)

Social Media Experts

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Where did this term come from? How does one become a “Social Media Expert.” What are the credentials or qualifications for such a thing? I keep hearing all these people who self-label as social media gurus and whatnot. They just seem to throw it out there like it’s nothing. I recently interviewed someone for an communications intern type position and she told me she was a social media expert and that she knows more about social media than most people in Canada. This is such a strange thing to say, because I think this doesn’t actually mean anything.

I feel like calling yourself a social media expert is akin to calling yourself a public transportation expert. Well, you know, I’ve been taking public transportation since 1997 and I am on there several times a day every single day! Yeah yeah, I’m great at getting on buses, getting off streetcars, meeting people on the subway, I can get myself anywhere, etc, just awesome! I know more about public trasportation than most people in Canada.

When you’re a child and don’t have any life experience or you’re from a small town or from the country with no access to public transportation and you’re from the early 20th century and you’ve never heard of buses or trains, you might hear someone say “Hey, I’m an expert on public transportation,” you would be very impressed! However, if you’ve grown up in present day and public transportation is such a part of every day life that you take it for granted and wouldn’t even imagine saying you’re an expert in something so ordinary and invisible. It’s also such a broad category of something to be an expert in and it is unclear. For example, maybe you are trying to say you are an expert at fixing streetcars, or you know all the different models of subways by sight, or you have a scam going on where you get on for free, you know? It’s not a valid claim and doesn’t actually mean anything of value to people who know how public transportation works.

That’s how I feel when someone says they are an expert in social media. It’s so vague, man. What does that even mean? You know about the various social media forms? You know how to send out a group text? You know how to create an event? You know how to “like” things? All users of this stuff know this already. You know how to read metrics and analytics? You know how to program apps? You are good at community building and interaction on brand? You can design a social media campaign? There are actual categories for that like, experience and interaction design, technologist, programmer, digital community coordinator, strategic planner, digital copywriter, etc, etc. No one who legitimately works in the media ever calls themselves a socal media expert in general terms. Do they? Maybe they do. They shouldn’t.

Whenever I hear anyone call themselves a social media expert I think that either they don’t fully understand what social media is and how to work in it or they are trying to fool someone who they think doesn’t know what social media is. Am I crazy? It’s seems like such a common label, but I suspect people are just making it up. Please feel free to argue with me.

And then I google image searched “public transportation expert.” I liked these:




Wendell cox podium 300pix

Official Music Video for Andrew Austin’s No Flowers

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

I produced this with lots and lots and lots of help from my friends. Thanks everybody! What an amazing experience.

Tall Drink of Water and No Flowers Party

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Andrew Austin

My favourite Renata Kaveh took these gorgeous photos of my other favourite Andrew Austin at the Berkeley Church. We’ve got lots of really great ones, but they’re not being released all at once. Soon though!! Exciting! Amazing job by art director and yet another favourite, Jen Thomas. Andrew is rolling out a bunch of artsy-fun stuff under the umbrella of a new collective called “Glowpoke”… It’s a neat little bow to wrap up all the coolness that’s going on lately, like… the video we made and we’re releasing at the Drake Underground on December 2!! I know, I know, that was a lot of information at once and I am breaking a lot of PR tenets, but try to stay with me. We’ve been so busy doing all this fun stuff that I didn’t even have time to mention it here yet!!


Who: Andrew Austin and the Fuss with special guests Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low), Everlea Acoustic and DJs Slow Clap
What: No Flowers single release and video world premiere
When: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009, 8pm
Where: The Drake Underground, 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto

Teaser for “No Flowers”:

P.S. What do you think of the name “Glowpoke”??

Band website that I made

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I was a little out of practice cause I haven’t programed a site for over a year. Anyway, check out what I just soft launched for Andrew Austin and the Fuss. Name of the band is tentative. It’s very simple and pretty much only links to social media and doesn’t have a lot of crap like “galleries” or “bios” or stuff people don’t care about anyway. Besides, all pertinent information like shows and what have you is on the myspace and facebook pages, etc, why add a lot of extra and repetitive crap?? Bah! Also, the style is homemade or cut and pastey, which everyone who has looked at the site except for one person has thought looks purposeful. Purposeful is so key. I really wanted it to not look slick. It also serves the purpose of being a splash page/press release for the video and single that is being released soon. Publicists can just send the link in an email and voila! Instant showing with no extra ! Love the no extras!! What do you think? It really doesn’t look or feel like a traditional band website at all, so…


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Perhaps a lofty title, but this is a wonderful animation piece by Christopher Hutsul and Saatchi & Saatchi Canada.

If you click on the picture of Neil and Lovemark below you will go to the Saatchi website and see the animation and the website Chris illustrated:


Read more about it in Boards >> Behind-The-Scenes.

ALSO, this is the first thing I’ve produced.

More on the Soft Citizen office renos

Friday, May 15th, 2009

A story about our renos is in blogTO today. It also includes a link to more pictures of the office***. I didn’t mention last time that the Ministry of the Interior designed it. I probably should have.

Soft Citizen in blogTO

***A picture of my office is not featured.