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“Leaving Song” by Andrew Austin OFFICIAL VIDEO

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Please watch this video, it’s a good song and people you know and (probably) like helped to make it:

Thank you to talented people who helped out. See the credits below:

Producer: Robbie McNamara
Director: Sarah Lasch
Director of Photography: Adam Crosby
Assistant Director: Kyle Patrick Sanderson
Art Director Derek Walker
Stylist: Brian Wong
Camera Operator: Tim Donnelly
Continuity: Danny Sinnett
Craft: May Sinnett
Production Assistant: Alexander Lasch
Editor: Andrea Agro
Mixed, recorded and engineered by: David Hermiston
And thanks to Andrew Smith for the use of his rooftop

Vocals and guitar: Andrew Austin
Drums: David MacDougall
Bass: Kurt Nielsen
Lead guitar: Kevin Neal

More work stuff

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Lately I have been very busy at work which leaves me not a lot of time for other stuff. That’s ok though, it’s just temporary. And with all this busy-ness there will be lots to show for it.

In related news, that ridiculously large I heart NY cup that I was making fun of in my entry last week has since become my goto cup at work. I will not drink from any other receptacle. Just try and make me. Pablo got an awesome milk steamer for the office and I brought in some white hot chocolate powder. This awesomeness + the espresso maker = mocha in a giant mug every morning. I’m cutting my Starbucks intake to 1 per week on Fridays as a reward for all my hard work and to get the Free Track of the Week card for iTunes. Last week it was Bedouin (not the nomadic desert tribe, the Soundclash)! OK, ok. I’m a corporate whore for one day a week. Sorry! Sue me! The rest of the time I make up for it by helping to make advertisements, mostly for the internet. Hrm.

Also, I was helping Nick do some QA (that is “testing for Quality Assurance” for those who don’t know what that is because they’ve have never had to) for a Facebook application one evening and we needed an image separated from a gradient background to put over a black background in the app, stat! No designers as far as the eye can see. So I popped it into photoshop, did a little magic eraser and voila! It’s in the app! I am excited to receive creative recognition for my contribution once we release this puppy. I’m glad you now know you can for sure call on me for your super basic graphic design needs that do not call for talent in graphic design. It’s the small victories that keep me going and this is for sure one of them.

I really heart NY today

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Giant I heart NY cup!

like really really! This mug from the work cupboard is ridic! It’s competing with my face for largeness.

I also have 851 spam comments to delete on my blog reminding me that I am a bad blogger… But who’s not these days?? Just wanted to drop in and say hi since I haven’t in a while.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

Friday, August 20th, 2010

If you keep your head down, work hard, cultivate your passions and talents and most importantly, be good to people, you will win at life. Always have good intentions mixed with a healthy dose of motivation and I know you will be awesome. Sorry to get cliche on you guys, but I’m having the most wonderful August and I just want to gush right now on my personal blog. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Foursquare for squares?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

So do you guys want to talk about Foursquare? I do. Now that all the concern about stalkers, house-robbers, etc has worn off, I have some comments. I have only a couple friends on Foursquare who actually use it regularly and I don’t hang out with them that much. So, I find myself, when I remember checking in when I’m out with my non-Foursquare friends (the large majority of the time) sort of hiding it. I’m embarrassed. Inevitably I’m asked “What are you doing? What’s Foursquare?” and I have to explain it to them. And they are confused and not really impressed. “What’s the point of that? It sounds dumb.” I can defend the silly thing, but not with much conviction.

Foursquare is an app you install on a smart phone that uses geotracking to allow you to “check-in” to whatever real location you are at and it lets your other foursquare friends know as well as keeping you informed of where your friends go. You can post “tips” in certain locations for others to read if they check into the same place. If you check into a location more than anyone else you can become the mayor of that place. You can also earn assorted badges for playing. For example, checking in 4 nights in a row can get you a “Bender” badge. It’s a little like location-based twitter with a bit of a game element.

What does any of this actually mean for brands and making the big bucks? I don’t know, not a whole lot to be honest. A few companies like Starbucks have had Foursquare build in coupons into the application. Starbucks offers the mayor of their specific location a dollar off their already over-priced fruity ice drinks I think at the moment. Some companies like Bravo, VH1, Zagat, New York Times have started their own Foursquare account to advertise events or their brand. A while ago, there was an article in the New York Times about Foursquare and that it’s now worth a ton of money, but it’s still a bit murky as to how this application can be harvested for real value. I haven’t done very much research, but it seems like Foursquare is not mainstream and is only being used by the geekiest geeks who want to go through the trouble of checking in. Correct me if I’m wrong.

There is a part of me that enjoys Foursquare because I like the idea of tracking where I’m going or the repetitive activity of checking in places and collecting them, or badges, or mayorships and around my town too. There’s a kind of thrill in seeing that we all go to the same places (tech enabling human connection?) and the city is actually so small. Because very few of my friends are into Foursquare, and most of my friends are types who would never be, it’s not all that social for me. In fact, I kind of wish it wasn’t attached to other people so I didn’t have to bother them with my updates or remind them that I exist, defeating perhaps the entire purpose of this SOCIAL network. I think of quitting it often, but then consider that it is a way to keep in touch with people that I like and don’t see often, it is kinda fun in some ways, and I like to participate in this stuff and see what it’s like and how people use it, even if I’m not the ideal user. Also, you never know, maybe it will really catch on and then I’ll be ahead of the game. I doubt it though, most people just can’t keep up being so intensely into themselves all the time. Just me; the amount that I’m into myself knows no bounds!

I bang

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Last night when I came home Pulp Fiction was on the Ceeb. Amazing movies on TV that you forget about and then remember when you start watching is another favourite of mine. It’s a nice little half-surprise. Like finding a 10 dollar bill in your winter jacket when it starts getting cold again. What a great movie though, right? Really genre bending for it’s time and people reference that movie nowadays constantly without even thinking about it. It really influenced pop culture and it was cool to re-watch late at night and be reminded.

Practically the only thing you can count on when it comes to my blog is me posting a picture every time I get my hair cut. So I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have been slowly making my decent into bangs. Everytime I get it cut they get shorter and less side-swept. Today they be full-fledged for the first time since I was a kid. No more almost bangs; these are BANGS. Also, it’s brown now, which is different.

I don’t really know why I blog anymore, but I figure at least part of it is so I can post pictures of my hair cuts every three months. I’d like to think it’s less selfish than that, but sometimes you gotta just admit this stuff to yourself.

Greatest gift to myself

Friday, August 6th, 2010

One of the best things in the whole world is riding a bike home in the summer after a great night. I live pretty far away from everything now, but if I can, I will always take that lone, long ride through the city. I cannot think of many things that feel better than that. When I’m old and overweight with 4 kids living in the suburbs (gosh, hopefully that will never happen, though I joke) I will always remember living in Toronto and riding around the city and be so very glad I took advantage of the roads and my bicycle. Really awesome moments I get to live everyday. Also, thank you Toronto for the Jarvis bike lanes which help me get home safe.


Thursday, August 5th, 2010

My little guy went to beautiful Gaspe with my friend on her bike trip and she was sweet enough to send me a picture. I love it so much, I can’t even tell you. I’m going to start sending these guys around with everyone and encouraging photos.


Also, didn’t go to the casting call. I got a follow-up telling me that people were sleeping over to attend the thing. I don’t want it that bad. I’ll just wait until I’m discovered in a bar singing karaoke. Can’t wait til I’m famous!

Acting career starts now and a story about a baby blanket

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Today I’m meeting my buddy Charmaine and I’m going to go to a one of those fancy gym yoga classes on a guest pass with her. I’m a little nervous, but only because I don’t have any Lululemon to wear. My yoga outfit consists of sweatpants and my old soft ball jersey. Is that ok? I figure my impressive yoga skills will uphold my dignity and I have my own mat, so there.

Also new in whims with me is I’m considering going to an extra’s general casting call tomorrow morning for a TV network. I’ve never ever thought about acting or being in front of the camera ever in my entire life so I think it might be somewhat of a lark now that I’m almost 30. Maybe I can do some “background work” to pass the time. I’m not ruling it out, anyway. Hilarious.

I’m crocheting a baby blanket that looks pretty sweet so far.babyblank
Check out the great colours on that. I have a baby in mind for this one, but there is a lot of pressure because there are so many babies around lately. I want to tell you the story about my trip to visit my mom in Ottawa and buying the wool for this. My mom had an emailed 40% off coupon for only one item from the store and only one per visit and she printed out 10. We went through the check-out to each buy an individual ball of wool with a coupon, put them in the car, went to get a Starbucks and a book at Chapters and then went back to each buy two more balls with the coupon and then went to look in Globo and buy shoes and waste time before conspicuously going back through the checkout, etc, etc. We had a big box store adventure that lasted way longer than I’m willing to admit and ended up spending more money then we saved by going through the covert operation. The blanket is 40% off as a result though. My mom is a tireless shopper and absolutely relentless when she is on a mission so spending time with her inspires me and gives me energy when usually I would have much rather bought everything at once at regular price and got home and out of big box store world as soon as humanly possible. She insisted and I just followed her lead. The check-out workers must have thought we were huge a-holes though. Like, “Who do you think you’re fooling, ladies? We see you every time with your printed coupons, sheesh.” The baby I am making this for will grow up and read this and either feel special for us going through all the trouble and effort of saving the $30 on her present which will make it even more valuable in her heart or she will see her blanket as cheap and tainted and feel incredibly betrayed for having loved the blanket her whole life based on a lie. We’ll have to wait and see what sort of person she grows up to be I guess.

Condescending social media programs

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I just encountered two so far this week since I have been paying attention, but I’ll probably post more if I see them.

This annoyed me when I kept repeatedly seeing it so I took a screenshot to blog about later:

Hoot Suite took a nap

This is from Hootsuite which is a Twitter client that allows you to check multiple accounts, it automatically updates, and other fun stuff. Twitter is a medium for people to post quick 140 character messages into the ether where they try to make it sound like they are cool when really they can’t possibly be cool if they are tweeting. Anyway, Hootesuite stops updating if you don’t check for over an hour it seems. What is weird about this is that the message is in first person and refers to having the ability to be bored, make decisions, take naps and know things. “Let me know,” Hootsuite says, as if it were my buddy on ichat, just waiting for my return. We’re not children and we don’t imagine that the website is a sentient being with thoughts, feelings and the ability to make decisions. I guess some people might argue that this is cute or something, but I find it vaguely annoying. I don’t like that they are trying to be cute. And I’m trying to identify who it is that the voice is coming from, the Hootsuite Owl logo? The website itself? The pop up window? Bah! It just takes the “Snooze” metaphor, which by itself I don’t mind, way too far.

The next one too:

Facebook error message

This one is obviously from Facebook, which is a social media site where people post pictures and notes about themselves to a list of everyone they’ve ever met pretending that their list gives a crap about their lives. Anyway, this message struck me as weird too. “Just kidding!!” What a wicked sense of humour there on this inanimate, difficult to define object/being. Like this pop-up window being is so very mischievous and me and he/she are comfortable enough with each other for he/she to give me a little ribbing there. Good one, pop-up window. You sure got me. And again, who exactly is kidding? Who is this amorphous “we” trying to be funny here? There was a bug in the computer program or something, that’s fine, why do you have to give the error message personality? It’s annoying and feels wrong, like the author of the message is trying to pull one over on me or something. Jerks. No I am not thinking too much about this…