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Living and Saying

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

No more big talking for me. Just you wait til 2010.

In the meantime, a list of five interesting things I’ve seen in the past week to ring in the holidays. I’m going to try to hit on as many of my categories as possible in this one:

  1. Thursday morning “Things I wish I could pull off”: Woman in her early-forties tending to her 8 Tamagotchis while she waited for the bus.
  2. Friday night x 2 “Religion and then birthdays”: Went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and saw ancient pieces of parchment on a triple date (geeky) and then my friends took over the Central for a most fun Birthday Three-Way – Cutebarf, Lady Parts, and one half of the Slow Clap performed.
  3. Monday night “Local celebrity sighting”: Nikki Payne and this actor who is in a million commercials chatting together on my subway car from Keele to Spadina.
  4. Tuesday evening “Wacky bike”: This guy in covered recumbent bike on Queen East near Church. I really wish I took a picture cause I can’t find anything like it on google. It was literally a stainless steal pod low to the ground with a little head and helmet sticking out the top – awesome.
  5. Tuesday night “Just a concert”: Arkells at the Horseshoe – twas a great and free show. Looking forward to many shows there in January too. Horseshoe always kills it.

And sticking with my arts and craft mandate, I just saw this internet-wise (which doesn’t count for my list) which I think is awesome:

Knitted caps and beards

Buy them here:

Make sure you check out the mix-and-match mustache add-ons in different styles and colours.

I think I’m starting to like Toronto again and looking on the brightside

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

It’s not so bad. The people here are very attractive, the streets are fun to ride bikes on, and most places you’d ever want to go to are very close. Being back in the city is not bad at all, not one bit. Now is definitely a time to be positive and so I will make a list of 5 things that make me happy, even though I think I’ve done this before and they were similar items oh well:

  1. When people on the street ask me for directions like I’m a local or something. That’s great. And even better when I know where to direct them. So good.
  2. Leaving town on the weekends. As much as the big smoke is pretty ok like I’ve said, having access to various wonderlands and people to visit close by means there is no reason to spend days off in the city.
  3. The idea of things getting better. When you can tell you’re on an uphill rather than a downhill and you have far off things that you’re looking forward to and you can look at the past and see how you’ve grown, that’s the best.
  4. People that are good to you and you are good to them. Those friends and family that are unconditional and wonderful and you don’t have to think about it because we are just so great together.
  5. Driving a car with a GPS. I really suggest this to you because it’s so awesome to drive somewhere you have never been before, for example the Buffalo-Niagara Int’l airport, using a GPS to navigate. Just really great and fun to do believe me.

10 things I dig

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Today I’m feeling a little bored and ill-at-ease and generally distracted for no reason. As a cure for that I will think of 10 rather selfish things that I dig very much to cheer me up in no particular order. They happen just rarely enough that I really appreciate it when they do:

1. getting rides in cars

2. good TV on DVDs

3. gummy bears and/or worms… also soft chocolate chip cookies

4. getting line bypass and in for free at concerts cause I know somebody

5. taking my socks off in bed after a long day and feeling soft sheets on my feet

6.  Sunday Family Dinner with my BFFs (bring it back!)

7. random compliments on my hair/clothes/good looks from people I look up to

8. tangibly finishing a project (knitting, sewing, writing, a shoot, etc.)

9. waking up early enough to not have to rush

10. Listening to music on headphones that fills my head and hits me just right

Thanks for bearing with me. I dig that you do that as well.

Bicycle Film Festival TOMORROW

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

It’s finally here! I’m so excited! It’s like Christmas eve! Check out the Bicycle Film Festival website and buy tickets before they sell out!

Here is coverage on She Does the City (awesome!)…

As if unspeakably amazing music (Wednesday), art (Thursday) and bike movies (Friday, Saturday) weren’t reason enough to come out, there are some special extras to look forward to as well! I know! Try not to get overwhelmed!! Here is a top 5 list…

  1. hotties on bikes – doesn’t everyone just look better riding a bike? Check out the talent!
  2. free bicycle valet -  feel classy with someone else parking your bike for you
  3. showing off – do you have a stylish vintage cruiser? a hot souped up speed bike? This is the crowd to bring it out to
  4. bike people – they just happen to be good people
  5. cracking a beer in the theatre – that’s just self-explanatory