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My bike is so good

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I couldn’t help but take a picture the other night.

My bike


Sunday, February 24th, 2008

I am just beside myself with excitement because look what came in the mail! My friend works at Universal Music and I did some “guerrilla” marketing for him on myspace and I was rewarded quite handsomely:dsc00906.jpg

My camera is on the fritz, so it’s a bit fuzzy, but you get the gist.

slacking or networking?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

So I just sent in my applications for CTV. I feel a little sore about applying at a place I got laid off at, but at the same time it was a wholly different department and that place is so big and confusing right now that most departments and happenings within the one company are completely unrelated. The good thing is I talked to an HR person there who will make sure my application “gets to the right person.” Which means very little in the long run I suppose, but it is better than the usual sending of these applications into black holes.

There is a strange tension for me in applying to postings. I know that the HR departments will get literally hundreds of applications and there is only a teeny tiny chance that anyone will even look at your resume or cover letter no matter how awesome they are. At the same time, there is an opening there! In black and white! They are looking to hire someone like me exactly in a position that I would be amazing for and love to do! You actually have to apply, right? So yes, much of the job searcher’s time is taken applying to these pipe dreams when 80% of the job market is HIDDEN. Yep, you can’t even see it, but it’s out there…

That is why I am really trying to work my networks, which are growing. So far my experience with networking has been positive too. A problem that I am running into though is that I go for lunch with someone and we have an awesome time and I think they are a great person, but in actuality, they can’t really do anything for me really. Very few people have any real power or contacts in what I want to do, to be honest. So really, hanging out with these people isn’t so much networking as slacking on my job search, right?

Valentine’s Day at the Music Gallery

Friday, February 15th, 2008


“Umbrella” – Bamboo/Angklung Version

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

This instrument is really cool and you’ll find the song familiar:

networking = not so bad

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Despite taking the wrong bus and having to walk a suburban block in a blizzard, my actual meeting with the agency went very well. As suspected, he needed to meet with me first and then “present” me and my skills to the employer. I was relaxed and confident I think because the job description just fits me so well. He called me a “media superstar,” which I love and I’m putting on my business cards. I asked him how many other people he was taking to the company and he said there were three or four others, but I was at the top of the list in terms of my skills and experience. I was encouraged by his enthusiasm! He’ll get back to me with feedback from the company in the next few days. These situations are good, because even if I’m not right for the job, I get to find out how to improve. I also asked him to keep me in mind for other positions that might come up in my field. He doesn’t get many in media or communications, but it’s a good connection just in case.

After I got back to my apartment, I was so exhausted from the hike and commute that I did some freelance work and then I took a nap. I was going to meet my friend to try her homemade wine at her place, but she called and was also very tired and thought the weather was too awful. So, I woke up about 9 pm and worked on my resume over the phone with my cousin. It’s coming together slowly… It’s almost as much work as my thesis! Okay, not quite maybe… I just finished another application for a Communications Coordinator at a University that’s due tomorrow and it’s in my drafts to send out first thing. (What’s your opinion on applying online late at night? I think it’s better to send emails during office hours, the earlier the better, like 9 am, shows you wake up early and are on top of things!… You think?) It’s a good one! The more I apply, the better my applications get, if I do say so myself.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with one of my past supervisors who is a professor in HR and we had a great chat and she gave me the name of another prof in RTA to talk to about networking with people in the field. I called him up cold, explained who I was, and he set up a meeting to talk to me on Thursday. It was so easy! I’m always taken aback with how open people are to helping or even just chatting. So who knows what will happen with that, but it will be very nice to meet someone new who knows a lot about things I’m interested in. Networking is actually fun. When I was much younger and never had to put myself out there, I thought it would be tough and a chore, but turns out it’s just talking to nice, fun people about things I like.

Interview tomorrow!!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

I went to a workshop at the Ryerson Career Centre last Thursday called “Great Interviews and Resumes Start Here.” I will tell you all about it in another post, but for now I’ll tell you that boy-oh-boy, it was great, but also set me back a bit because it was a little *too* good. It was so good that I left there thinking “Oh no! My resume has been terrible this whole time and I didn’t even know!!” Of course, my resume wasn’t that bad, but I’ve spent the last few days since then being consumed with giving my resume a makeover. With my new changes, my full general resume has grown from two to three pages. I don’t have to tell you that’s a big no-no. I’m so verbose! I have three big important jobs with applications due on Friday, so I really have to hurry up and get it back down to a two-pager again. These are really competitive postings, so they have to be better than perfect. All this is a lot of work though, I gotta say.

But, the good news is, when I went home early on Saturday night after celebrating Chinese New Year with my cousins and some friends because of unfinished-resume-guilt, I sent in a version of my new resume to a posting I saw on Best Jobs Canada for a Website Assistant. The actual company wasn’t disclosed because it was posted through an agency. So, I have to go all the way out to Scarborough for an “pre-interview” with them, and then if they like me for the positions, I suppose they will set me up with the company. This is my first agency interview, so I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, but I’ll just be myself. It will be good experience anyway. I’m going to commute with Naomi’s Klien’s Shock Doctrine! That will scream media savvy to my fellow commuters, right? I’ll be nice and confident when it’s time to meet my new agency friends.

Find Christina Calayca

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

My cousin Karen’s 20 year old niece and goddaughter Christina went missing this past August while camping in a forest near Thunder Bay. After searching for two weeks, the police gave up. Understandably, my family is devastated and cannot achieve closure until we find her. I sometimes think about how cold and dark it is outside and I get so sad and scared thinking about her all alone out there. We will not give up on her and we are raising money to sponsor an independent search of the wilderness where she was last seen. Every penny that we make goes to this search. Please see this website I designed for more information and donate generously to a really important cause:

Find Christina Calayca Group

My new blog

Friday, February 8th, 2008

I was inspired to dust off the ol’ blogging hat by my recent job search. I’ve been learning so much and at the same time have so many questions to ask simply about normal and average, but big deal things that we all have to do in life. I know there are other people out there who want to gain and share ideas too and so voila! This will be a sort of professional development, learning helpful stuff that we can all be interested in and sharing resources blog. More to come soon!

Hello world!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!