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My second scarf

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

I finished my second scarf which is an advanced beginner level purl 2 knit 2 pattern. Nice one, right?Scarf 1Scarf 2

It was done for a while, I just had to weave the yarn ends in but I didn’t have a yarn needle. When I went to the wool store to pick one up, I meandered over to their wool section and ended up buying a ball of chunky red and another grey and some 9 mm needles to make a toque! It will be my first non-scarf so I’m pretty excited… I don’t have a toque pattern that uses chunky wool but I figure I can wing it OR do some internet research. Either way, I’m well on my way.

one-pager resume??!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

During one of my now famous informational interviews with my friend who is a producer for Canadian Idol, it was suggested that I try to keep my resume to a single page. This is advice given to a person who has a 3-pager CV which she cuts down to 2 to tailor to each interview. My first thoughts: UNPOSSIBLE!

However, this is a very trustworthy source and the reasoning is sound. In theory, the resume should get the potential employer hooked and you get to expand on your work history in the interview, should you get one. It’s tough not to give it all away in the first introduction, but at the same time a sparse and confident summary of what you did should work better to pique interest. My job titles and extensive experience speak for themselves within my industry and detailing every little thing I do reeks of try-hardness and no one wants to be THAT guy. His point was also that big blocks of text are a huge turn off. Good point and very fair enough.

However, this advice flies in the face of everything I have been learning at my Ryerson Career Centre workshops which ask me to detail narrative-style S.T.A.R. formula where you identify a Situation, describe the Task, Action that you took, and then the Response. This is also excellent advice really makes your job descriptions quite salient and impressive on your resume, if not a little wordy.

And so taking the best of both of these worlds, I am merciless at cutting details and slashing information, yet the descriptions I do leave on are informative and pro-active. Lately I have been able to take my 3-pager master resume and turn it into a 2-pager with 12 point font and a lot of room left over on the second page. I think this is much better. I’m thisclose to a 1-page resume, but I feel like I need to ease into it… slowly.