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I’m not frontin’

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Among the other things I’ve been looking into, I’ve decided to become very interested in image consultants. I just think it’s so interesting and really relevant. Because I’ve been doing more publicity related stuff with the Find Christina Calayca Group, Images Festival, and Bicycle Film Festival, I’ve started thinking more and more about doing that effectively. Also, in my own job search I’ve noticed image plays a huge part, especially in the media. I’m setting up meetings with an image consultant and some friends that are publicists in the next week just to pick their brains and learn all about it. Real cool stuff!

Also, this newfound fascination has manifested in me gaining experience in this by helping out some friends who are musicians. Taking an idea or personality and packaging it to be easy to understand, delicious, and sexy to a larger public via different media is very fun. I like how I am forced to think in order to step outside and imagine how someone would view certain products from their perspective.

Some might call it “selling out”, but I disagree. I think it’s taking a part of something that is real and genuine and processing it to communicate and emphasize certain aspects that are easy to understand and that people find appealing. Everyone should be a little bit savvy when it comes to selling themselves, I think, and have a clear understanding of what they have to offer.