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Light Trap

Monday, April 7th, 2008

The Music Gallery hosted Greg Pope’s Light Trap last night with the Images Festival. There is nothing I can really say or pictures that I can show to really express what it was like in there. You had to be there. I can say it was very good though. GOOD.


The imagery in Light Trap begins with loops of completely black film, a dark room filled with haze, and only the hum of the projectors’ motors. Slowly, the emulsion is whittled away on each loop with sandpaper and an array of hand tools, allowing bursts and streams of light to pierce through the darkness. Synchronous to the unfolding cascade of light emanating into the room, the aberrations on the film loops create pops, cracks, and hisses. This constant, reductive physical process applied to the surface of the film loops results in a slow transformation of the physical space; out of aural and visual darkness builds a cacophonous crescendo of sound and light.