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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Being the new kid is a bit overwhelming. I’m starting my third week and settling in so I have gained some perspective. Also, I’ve been getting some good advice from people. Also, this isn’t really my first job, so I do have some experience to speak from. Honest, you can trust me. Also if you think of more stuff, feel free to add in the comments. I get so few comments, I wouldn’t mind you telling me a thing or two…

  • Have your head in the game fully completely. Always be eager to take on things and attentive to your job tasks and your coworkers and nothing else. You don’t want to miss anything or make any needless mistakes. Speak directly to everyone who talks to you, take notes, remember names and details. Check your facebook and make personal calls on your own time. You don’t want to look unprofessional.
  • Be on time and never leave early. For the first little while it may be a good idea to overdo it and come a bit early and leave a bit later. Never be eager to leave or seem like you want to at the end of the day, even if you have had a long day and you’re tired, because you probably will be. I’m serious, fake it if you have to. Try to clear up your schedule so you don’t have any commitments right after after work or late at night to give you some breathing room and nothing else to worry about beside doing a good job (see # 1).
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t know anything. Starting a new job is always a learning process. You want to impress everyone and pick things up right away, but it is impossible to know everything right away. I still feel like a bit like an alien after all this time, but I can tell it’s much better already… Be patient with yourself and don’t get frustrated or feel overwhelmed when you don’t get it all at once or when you have to ask questions. The people around you will understand and be happy to accommodate you while you’re training. They’ve been through it before too. One of my mentors who is awesome at her job told me it took her 6 months in her current job to just feel human.
  • Communication is key. Let your supervisors know what you’re doing. This serves multiple purposes: if you screw up you will know right away and not do it again, they will know you are doing your work and a brilliant job, and I don’t know about you but getting things out and going over duties helps to solidify them in my head so it helps me learn and keep track of things. Ask a lot of questions, it’s expected of you, it’s really helpful, and makes you look keen.
  • Pay attention to everything. When you first start at a new job, there are protocols and politics that you probably have never encountered before already in place. Take your time, watch, learn, and be sensitive to this. Don’t say too much and don’t get personal. I’m not advising you to be suspicious or paranoid, but feel things out and figure out the details before jumping into a situation you are unfamiliar with.
  • Be straightforward, confident, and positive. They like you so much they decided they want to see you everyday over everyone else they met. You can do this job better than anyone else who applied, they could tell, and so now you just have to do it. They thought long and hard about who to hire and picked you. Try your very best, obviously, but know that it’s not really a question about if you will be good at your job or not, you already know you are awesome, it’s just a matter of deciding to be good at your job. It’s kind of a no-brainer decision there, right?