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Cyclists Needed! (and musicians too)

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

This looks super cool:

New Music Arts Projects
Track field, King Edward PS, 112 Lippincott St., Toronto

Sometimes, interesting means simple, and a bicycle with a bell is more useful than a graduate degree in making music. Case in point – Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise for 111 cyclists. This musical work may have been intended as a two-page testament to conceptual art, but mere technicalities cannot stop the two-wheeled artistic soul. A critical mass of cyclists will ride around the audience in formation, creating a web of sonic undulation. It could sound wonderful, it could sound awful, but in truth we’ll have no idea until the actual performance!

If you have a bike with a bell or horn, are not too ashamed to make strange noises, can ride in formation at a comfortably moderate speed, and are interested in “riding” some Kagel, go here to find more details on how to join in the fun:

Also, anyone and everyone is invited to bring an instrument, or just their voice, and participate in an open performance of Terry Riley’s In C. All are welcome to perform. If you’ve never played this work, be brave and find out how fun and easy it is; if you have, you won’t need any encouragement! You can check out and download the music here:

On the same program, former Dancemaker Julia Aplin choreographs an ensemble of teenaged cyclists/dancers in her Bicycle Ballet, set to music by John Gzowski. Going far beyond obvious functionality, Aplin helps us to find new things to love and adore about our Mieles, Treks and Norcos, and the people who ride them
Please ride with us!  Instructions on how to register to ride in the Kagel at

Questions:  6008spokes at gregoryoh dot com or call me 416.856.5795