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Thursday, January 15th, 2009

People must think I’m awfully rude because I stare at them. On the streetcar, out at restaurants, walking past them on the street, I do so unabashedly. Not to be mean or make them feel uncomfortable, though that is the result, but it’s because they are wearing scarves or mitts or toques or sweaters that I want to look at. My thought process is “Oh that’s nice. Could I make that? I could definitely make that. How would I make that?” and by the time I have decided the pattern and changed the colours, measured the needles in my head I’ve looked too long and they are offended. This must happen to all people when they first realize they can make things and become obsessed, especially knitting in this case. And I wonder if it will go away when I grow accustomed to this new and wonderful feeling. Maybe once I have made every pattern of scarf, mitts, toque, and sweater I will no longer stare.