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Redlight Special Tonight

Saturday, January 17th, 2009


Purrr played Rancho Relaxo last night. An acoustic set nonetheless. It was pretty rad getting to hear them play with much less electricity. Seriously though, they played great. Special thanks to Chris for acting as my tripod (with 2 legs) – he’s v. steady. Checkout “Redlight”:

I guess it’s a little annoying that you can hear some loud person singing along with every single word of that song… but also it’s kinda awesome that they have such great fans… like REAL FANS. Fans who know every single word and proudly sing along. People were there wearing Purrr-branded t-shirts too. It was pretty awesome. Another popular Purrrr memorabilia item is the undies which read “Make me…” on the front crotchal area and “PURRR” on the buttt. Get it? “Buttt”? Anyway, I bet lots of people were sporting those bad boys last night.

Purrr and Purrr tshirt