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Looking for doll eyes

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


I finished up this little crocheted teddy bear months ago and he has been sitting in various area of my apartment sadly head unattached and incomplete. You’ll notice he’s pinned and he’s got yarn tales hanging off of him ready for attachment. The only thing is I am having a real problem with the eye part of this little guy. Eyes are really really really important to the whole look of this little guy so much thought must go into this (in case you thought I was over-thinking – I AM NOT). Please bear with me as I discuss eye choices for my bear:

The pattern calls for these specific dolls eyes that are impossible to find. They look like this:

real eyes

I have searched high and low believe you me they are no where in Ontario available for purchase. Craft stores only sell googley eyes and I REFUSE those goofy looking things. But I can’t find the good ones. So what to do what to do???An option would be to leave him with no eyes. He’d still be pretty cute, eh? Simplicity is good. Or I was thinking of sewing embroidery floss Xs but that makes him dead and so too morbid… however, that style is quite popular these days. Cute/dark? So hot right now. And I can’t find internet pictures, so it might be a unique idea. Don’t copy me!Felt eyes are an option and look pretty cute:

felt eyes