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Don’t masquerade with the guy in shades

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Oh no.


KidKulit – Sunglasses At Night (Corey Hart Cover) from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Holy crap I love it so much.

Joy Apparel

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

This is neat:

Kristen Rawlins from Joy TshirtsJohn Hilborn on Joy TshirtsMcKinley on Joy TshirtsAndre on Joy TshirtsAnna on Joy TshirtsTayfun on Joy Tshirt

Joy Apparel – You buy a tshirt with a random ordinary person’s face drawn on it. Someone else buys a tshirt with YOUR ordinary random face drawn on it. The cycle continues on and on. The guy who runs it is in Toronto. I am not sure yet if it will change the world like the website claims. Maybe!

I cry over love. Not projects.

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I was talking with my friend tonight and she had a story about not one, but two of her co-workers who came into her office on separate occasions to cry today. They were both stressed out about two unrelated jobs, but work nonetheless.

I know this is quite common, but it always leaves me a little bit curious. I really can’t imagine work stress ever getting to that point and I hope it never ever does.

And I thought about her and said, “Wow, have you ever cried at work about work? I can’t imagine you ever doing that.”

And she was like “Pshaw, no! I cry over love. Not projects.”

To which I responded, “Haha, yes! That’s perfect! I’m going to twitter that! (I am such a dork in not a good way, I know) There are two types of girls in the world, ones who cry over work and ones who cry over love.”

To which she of course said, “No, that’s a way better thing to twitter!” Which it is right, but I didn’t twitter anything, because I was thinking about what type of girl I am who doesn’t cry over work or love.

I’m the third type of girl, the one that cries over a real good Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Maclean story. Just bawls inconsolably.

So then why are you reading this?

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

I was thinking about my post last night and was pretty conflicted about it. My head screams at me inside it’s self “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LIFE, SARAH.” But then I thought of the one thing I keep hearing people say about Twitter, Facebook, blogging and all this online social networking goobledeegook, which is pretty fierce: “If you don’t like what I am putting out there, you don’t have to pay attention it.” So true. Or as Eminem says, “If y’all don’t like me, blow me.” It’s an awesome mantra to stand behind and makes me feel safe posting whatever I want up here.

Of course, people who don’t like me or what I say will read me. Obviously! It’s hella-fun to judge ridiculous people who you don’t agree with sometimes and hate on them a little bit. Oh well.

Also, it’s interesting that no one says that about critics (or maybe they do, I just don’t hear it). No one is like, “Shut up, Siskel and Ebert (I wish I had a more contemporary example, oh wait, I know…) Shut up, Pitchfork! No one cares what you think about my band. If you don’t like my music, don’t listen, eff you guys!” For some reason we think music, movies, and even TV are worthy of serious critique because it’s about a cultural consumer product therefore the almighty dollar, taste and reputation are at stake as opposed to someone’s silly twitter feed. Makes sense.

This entry was way longer than I expected it to be, but you know how much I care if y’all don’t like it.

Something interesting to say

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Don’t you ever worry that with all these avenues to share and communicate and all these chances to speak up and have everyone hear you that you won’t have anything interesting to say? Sorry, I don’t mean “you,” I mean “me.” That’s the scariest thing about what’s going on today to me.

Fake beards compensate for a lot

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Check out The Perlorian Brothers interview in this month’s creativity.


Twouble with Twitter

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

From Daily Motion .com

"Twouble with Twitter" sous-titré
Uploaded by LePostfr

Thug For Life

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Banksy - Indoors

“Grannies” by Banksy

Safety in Numbers

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Map of traffic accidents involving cyclists from the Star yesterday:

Bike map

Here’s an informative article from Torontoist about bike accidents here in the city:

[Bicycling safety] requires respect (from both cyclists and motorists), attention (no more drifting into the bike lane while texting), and compromise (wait just two seconds and you can make that turn safely). If we all see other drivers and cyclists as people rather than obstacles in our way as we rush from hither to thither, we’ll all be happier—and safer.

Read it here: The Accidental Cyclist from Torontoist

10 things I dig

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Today I’m feeling a little bored and ill-at-ease and generally distracted for no reason. As a cure for that I will think of 10 rather selfish things that I dig very much to cheer me up in no particular order. They happen just rarely enough that I really appreciate it when they do:

1. getting rides in cars

2. good TV on DVDs

3. gummy bears and/or worms… also soft chocolate chip cookies

4. getting line bypass and in for free at concerts cause I know somebody

5. taking my socks off in bed after a long day and feeling soft sheets on my feet

6.  Sunday Family Dinner with my BFFs (bring it back!)

7. random compliments on my hair/clothes/good looks from people I look up to

8. tangibly finishing a project (knitting, sewing, writing, a shoot, etc.)

9. waking up early enough to not have to rush

10. Listening to music on headphones that fills my head and hits me just right

Thanks for bearing with me. I dig that you do that as well.