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Being Erica is actually good

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


I read this article (and stole the sexy picture which is fun but not really representative of the show) from BlogTO about my new favourite TV show. They agree with me. Being Erica is much better than anyone expected once you give it a chance. It’s totally Canadian in the sense that it’s got it’s own great rhythm and thing going on. It’s smart, endearing, interesting and well-acted. CBC did something very right by making this show and putting so much publicity behind it. They shouldn’t have changed the time slot to the same as Lost though… That was silly and it’s always a competition for which viewing party to attend between the two and of course the longer running show tends to win out among the people I know. I hope Being Erica starts getting better ratings so it’s not cancelled!! I want to find out the answers to so many questions… ahem… Erica’s brother Leo… ! That episode is going to be huge, I can tell already. Go to the CBC website to catch up on episodes online (they are all there!) cause it’s pretty great.

Oh, and for the record, I’m pretty sure the lesbian plot was not an after-thought for ratings. A friend of a friend is an actor on the show and she was shooting over the winter and spring of last year so all the episodes have been finished for months it seems. If anything it was a cheap ratings boost, but planned well in advance… Maybe I’m just naive, but I thought the plot kind of made sense in the context of the show anyway… Like they wanted to do something a little daring, but it wasn’t outside of Being Erica’s world too much… Right? If more people watched the show, maybe we could discuss this…