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The usual summer in the city stuff

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Summer is coming. Can you feel it?

I’m so excited for hanging out in parks doing nothing or participating in picnics and jam sessions, biking around the city each time farther than I’ve ever gone before, laying around in my house in the dark being sweaty and listening to Sublime, Blue Jays games, people watching all the weirdos who come out of the woodwork in the nice weather (like the people who suntan in their bikinis on their tiny front lawns beside the sidewalk or the people on the crowded street car who shout angry and random obscenities to no one), climbing trees and then sitting in their branches and reading books for hours, crashing various community swimming pools, and going to other peoples’ cottages on the weekends.

I spend the majority of my time in the winter trying to endear myself to people with cottages for that very reason. There’s no shame in that. I mean, I try to endear myself to all the people I meet of course, but after I ascertain that they do in fact have cottage access, I turn on just a little extra bit of charm and let them know in small, subtle ways I am a cottage person, the type of person they’d like to have around their dock by the lake/boathouse/hot tub/cooler/deck/bbq/etc. just a few short hours drive outside the city. I really am. In case you were looking for someone like that.