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Band website that I made

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I was a little out of practice cause I haven’t programed a site for over a year. Anyway, check out what I just soft launched for Andrew Austin and the Fuss. Name of the band is tentative. It’s very simple and pretty much only links to social media and doesn’t have a lot of crap like “galleries” or “bios” or stuff people don’t care about anyway. Besides, all pertinent information like shows and what have you is on the myspace and facebook pages, etc, why add a lot of extra and repetitive crap?? Bah! Also, the style is homemade or cut and pastey, which everyone who has looked at the site except for one person has thought looks purposeful. Purposeful is so key. I really wanted it to not look slick. It also serves the purpose of being a splash page/press release for the video and single that is being released soon. Publicists can just send the link in an email and voila! Instant showing with no extra ! Love the no extras!! What do you think? It really doesn’t look or feel like a traditional band website at all, so…