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Monday, December 21st, 2009

By popular demand, here is a short list of frequently asked questions to and/or I. If you have more, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as time allows. For now, I will now finally answer a few of your burning queries:

Q: What is your blog even about?
- Tanya Hall (co-worker who barely can mask her dislike for me)

A: I appreciate your interest in my blog! Well you see, I have a lot of interests and experiences I want to share with the world! For now I’m sharing my insights with about 3 people who check my blog infrequently, those googling “Being Erica canceled?” (don’t think so, they keep airing new ones, bless them) and things relating to “Farm Town” (I only play casually so my mom could have another neighbour), and spambots, but if you build it they will come, right? I don’t update very often, but what I had in mind for this was basically to keep a blog about things I’m glad I learned and wish I knew earlier. This way, I feel like if I was not me and reading this blog I would be interested in the things on here, you know. I just feel overwhelmed with life sometimes and all the things I wish I knew, so I figured on my quest I would share things and we could journey on together. So come along with me on our journey…

Q: How in the world did you get a boyfriend?
- Emily Branson (high school frenemy)

A: Oh, advice-type questions! I have always wanted to write an advice column. Well, you see it takes a lot of frequent, worshippy and desperate compliments (make him feel desired), well-placed generous make-up on your face and body parts, and pretending to like things he likes. Once you’ve got him though, that’s the tough part and a probably a second advice column question. Thus far, I’ve been trying to keep him by avoiding him when he says “we have to talk” and feigning life-threatening illness so that he will feel too sorry for me to break it off, but I think I these methods are beginning to wear thin. Any other suggestions? We’ll work that into a second FAQ installment.

Q: “Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.”
- General Levitra (via my blog comments)

A: Well thank you General, how kind of you to say. That’s a high compliment coming from a ranking officer like yourself. Also, thank you for repeatedly writing this same comment on several different blog entries of mine. To answer your question, although I have dabbled in writing as a member of the 5th estate in the very prestigious Western Gazette as both a News and Campus & Culture intern while getting my bachelor of arts, honours, at the University of Western Ontario, no, I have never worked as a journalist professionally. You will see my prose grace the pages of many sites on the world wide web, and we all know how difficult it is to have work appear on websites. I’ve also been blogging since the year 1999 under various pseudonyms. I never wanted the spotlight and I do appreciate my privacy, so I kept my real name a secret so I wouldn’t become an internet celebrity. I suppose I am just a naturally talented writer and I like to get to the bottom of things with my talented, probing mind and then expose these truths to the public at large. I do not expect any reward, no. I do it out of passion, not the glory.

Well this has been a fun little answer period and I hope your thirst for answers regarding and/or myself has been quenched… for now.

Looking forward to 2010 and actually posting more. Happy holidays infrequent lurkers, accidental googlers, but not spambots. No love for them.