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200 pork dumplings

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Yesterday, some friends and I hung out for 5 hours and handmade almost 200 pork dumplings. It was really fun! Tonight I made them (you must boil them 4 times) for eating, which was also fun. To make the sauce I had to run to the corner store and buy chives, ginger, sriracha sauce and white vinegar. How awesome is it that I had to mince ginger to make something? And I now have a whole bottle of sriracha sauce in my cupboard! Very cool ingredients that are outside of what I usually cook with. THE BUMMER THOUGH: I have no chop sticks. Not even disposable ones from takeout. Almost ruined the experience, so sad right? It’s a good chance to get some new chopsticks though. That’s also exciting. My mom is Chinese¬† and born in Canada and I’m not that close to that part of my culture. Therefore, I get a big kick out of learning more about this stuff and making it a part of my life. Soon we will meet up and I will learn how to play mah jong.

More spam

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I got this spam comment from “anonymous” that links to a site to get “myspace proxies”…? I don’t even know what that is… but the comment goes: “I think that is an interesting point, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my ability to get to think. Sometimes I get so much in a rut that I just feel like a record.”

Also, “Nipple Pasties” writes: “Cool, there are actually some great points on this blog some of my friends may find this useful, I will send a link, many thanks.”

How awesome is that? Spam can sometimes be better than real comments.

Oh also I went to the Horseshoe last night and saw Brett Caswell. He had some really great songs and I really like his band, the Marque Rose. Hello cute violin player and singer! I hope I’m not being sexist here, but those two ladies were really cute. Besides, how fun is it to have a violinist at all? Supremely. The male drummer, bassist, guitarist were great too though. Playing next were the Great Diviners who are also very good. Their sound is really rich and powerful live. I like the duo male and female fronting. I also like how they play two awesome acoustic guitars together that do the same thing. It’s funny, I saw them a few times before and I was like “Damn, that lead singer looks so familiar,” but couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen him or ever meeting him, just that I had seen his face a lot. Then it occured to me in a moment of clarity last night that I had seen pictures of him all the time on Raymi’s blog.

Pandas and Dexter

Monday, January 11th, 2010

This is the best one I made so far I think. Pandas are my favourite animal, fyi.


How much would you pay for this, hmm? Would you buy one? Just doing some social network market research.

Now I’m going to watch the 4th episode of the 1st season of Dexter. Don’t tell me what happens cause everyone has seen it except me and they tell me to watch it and they gasp and act extremely worried when I tell them I haven’t seen a single episode and freak out at the idea of telling me about any part of it for fear of spoiler alert. And now here I am. YOU WIN SHOWTIME, OK? You win. And Blockbuster wins also in this case.

I’m making some tea now… How about that? Peppermint tea. I’m telling you all this mundane stuff about me that is not really important. Uh oh my blog is turning personal again and the very act of writing this implies that I think other people will care about my life. I saw an episode of Root of All Evil where they were debating what was more evil, blogging or ultimate fighting (blogging won of course) and I remember a great quote from Lewis Black where he said something awesome to the effect of: “Blogging is like masturbating into a mirror while you videotape yourself so you can watch it later while you masturbate.” Kinda makes me feel self-conscious and even a touch bashful now.

flourescent bunnies

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

These crafts take way longer than they should, but the more I make, the faster and easier it gets. I think I should sell them, but I don’t want to part with them yet. Also, it takes me about 2 hours per little guy at the moment so I would have to charge way too much to make it worth it. Thirdly, they have too many mistakes and little inaccuracies to sell. Nice presents for friends though when I’m ready.


So the weekend was a good mix of friends, fun, crafts, and working, but it was absent of cleaning and preparing food for the week. The tough thing about life (for me) is you have to remain consistent and keep a balance of every¬† important thing to remain normal. I think probably I sound a little scientific about my lifestyle choices (i.e. 10 total life thought units = 2 parts friends + 2 parts creativity + 2 parts work + 1 part cleaning + 1 part food + 2 parts excercise/health) which is probably quite weird, but that’s kind of how I keep track of things in my head, otherwise things just go downhill. Important things slip through the cracks or I overextend myself and take on more than I can handle. I wonder how most normal people stay balanced and keep their lives efficient and full of the maximum amount of things they want and things they need. The example above has me kind of excited now about a life unit chart where I will break it all down for real and budget my time/energy. It just makes me feel better to have it in front of me. Is this one of those times I think I’m really weird, but really lots of people do stuff like that? Maybe. I still think it’s unusual that lists and charts are like my security blanket. Maybe it’s totally common though!

Anyway! Tonight we’re going to see Just East of Broadway, the Next Stage Fringe musical that all the kids are talking about. Musicals are totally awesome guilty pleasures. Yesterday we saw not a musical – Quite Frankly – that was a very good one-man play about an extremely socially awkward 30-something man all set in Britain. It was more understated and not laugh-out-loud as I expected, but the writing and performance was incredible (all by the same guy) and it worked on lots of levels for me I think. I was amused and disgusted by, I empathized with, and also I pitied the main character all at once. Calling it a comedy is right, but not exactly right, but that’s ok. It’s lazy to confine yourself to a genre, I say! Make people think a little bit, they can handle it.

I have an hour or so to clean and make a plan for this week before I am busy for the rest of the night, so I better scoot and make my lists!

He’s felt and a lion

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Tonight I made my first craft of 2010! He also looks a little worried.

felt lion

Spam comments are funny sometimes

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The US just won the world junior hockey championships. That’s too bad. It was a good game though. I will probably play Animal Crossing now though Tom Nook’s store closes at 10 pm and more importantly I shouldn’t really. I’m sorry, but I’m so busy, Animal Crossing is the only joy I have, just let me have that one indulgence!! I can feel you judging me and I don’t like it. My life has been a blur of watching the first season of True Blood, Animal Crossing and trying to cook regular meals – the last of these things is really hard. How come when I try to be a normal person I feel like it’s an impossible task to stay on top of it all? Seriously, living a normal person’s life, eating good things at normal times and cleaning up after yourself on a daily basis while going to work everyday and maintaining a semblance (and not even really) of a social life is very hard work. That’s not even mentioning sleep! Exercise? Reading? Volunteering? Making crafts? Not wasting time watching hours of TV on DVD and videosgames? Forget about it! I don’t know how you do it, but you do and you’re my hero. Seriously.

I am going to finish up a Videofact grant by Thursday. I’m going to try directing, woowee! I’m not being overconfident about getting that grant, don’t worry, I’m going to direct things even if we don’t get it. I’m lucky I’m surrounded by some of the best producers in the city. Colour me excited about indulging in “my vision.” Being a director means you don’t have to worry about anything except making your video look awesome and you concentrate ont hat while everyone else makes it happen for you. How fun is that?! I’ve been on the other side for so long that it’s extra exciting that I’m going to get to turn the tables, so to speak.

But the real reason I wanted to talk to you tonight is because I wanted to share some spam comments because I love how these obvious spam names leave comments that try and sound like real comments to flatter me. For example, “Big Boobs” says: “Last week I dropped by this site and as usual great content and ideas. Love the lay out and color scheme. Is it new? Well I really really like it.” I love that! Or another one by “zithromax and birth control pills” which reads: “Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.” Amazing.

Back online

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Yay I avoided the internet almost completely for the whole time I was on holiday. I have a list of friendlies to call now that I’m back – can’t wait to catch up. At home now watching Hedwig on TV and my slow cooked curry butternut squash soup is almost ready. I can smell it and it’s awesome. Yay 2010 so far!