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Spam comments are funny sometimes

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The US just won the world junior hockey championships. That’s too bad. It was a good game though. I will probably play Animal Crossing now though Tom Nook’s store closes at 10 pm and more importantly I shouldn’t really. I’m sorry, but I’m so busy, Animal Crossing is the only joy I have, just let me have that one indulgence!! I can feel you judging me and I don’t like it. My life has been a blur of watching the first season of True Blood, Animal Crossing and trying to cook regular meals – the last of these things is really hard. How come when I try to be a normal person I feel like it’s an impossible task to stay on top of it all? Seriously, living a normal person’s life, eating good things at normal times and cleaning up after yourself on a daily basis while going to work everyday and maintaining a semblance (and not even really) of a social life is very hard work. That’s not even mentioning sleep! Exercise? Reading? Volunteering? Making crafts? Not wasting time watching hours of TV on DVD and videosgames? Forget about it! I don’t know how you do it, but you do and you’re my hero. Seriously.

I am going to finish up a Videofact grant by Thursday. I’m going to try directing, woowee! I’m not being overconfident about getting that grant, don’t worry, I’m going to direct things even if we don’t get it. I’m lucky I’m surrounded by some of the best producers in the city. Colour me excited about indulging in “my vision.” Being a director means you don’t have to worry about anything except making your video look awesome and you concentrate ont hat while everyone else makes it happen for you. How fun is that?! I’ve been on the other side for so long that it’s extra exciting that I’m going to get to turn the tables, so to speak.

But the real reason I wanted to talk to you tonight is because I wanted to share some spam comments because I love how these obvious spam names leave comments that try and sound like real comments to flatter me. For example, “Big Boobs” says: “Last week I dropped by this site and as usual great content and ideas. Love the lay out and color scheme. Is it new? Well I really really like it.” I love that! Or another one by “zithromax and birth control pills” which reads: “Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.” Amazing.