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flourescent bunnies

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

These crafts take way longer than they should, but the more I make, the faster and easier it gets. I think I should sell them, but I don’t want to part with them yet. Also, it takes me about 2 hours per little guy at the moment so I would have to charge way too much to make it worth it. Thirdly, they have too many mistakes and little inaccuracies to sell. Nice presents for friends though when I’m ready.


So the weekend was a good mix of friends, fun, crafts, and working, but it was absent of cleaning and preparing food for the week. The tough thing about life (for me) is you have to remain consistent and keep a balance of every¬† important thing to remain normal. I think probably I sound a little scientific about my lifestyle choices (i.e. 10 total life thought units = 2 parts friends + 2 parts creativity + 2 parts work + 1 part cleaning + 1 part food + 2 parts excercise/health) which is probably quite weird, but that’s kind of how I keep track of things in my head, otherwise things just go downhill. Important things slip through the cracks or I overextend myself and take on more than I can handle. I wonder how most normal people stay balanced and keep their lives efficient and full of the maximum amount of things they want and things they need. The example above has me kind of excited now about a life unit chart where I will break it all down for real and budget my time/energy. It just makes me feel better to have it in front of me. Is this one of those times I think I’m really weird, but really lots of people do stuff like that? Maybe. I still think it’s unusual that lists and charts are like my security blanket. Maybe it’s totally common though!

Anyway! Tonight we’re going to see Just East of Broadway, the Next Stage Fringe musical that all the kids are talking about. Musicals are totally awesome guilty pleasures. Yesterday we saw not a musical – Quite Frankly – that was a very good one-man play about an extremely socially awkward 30-something man all set in Britain. It was more understated and not laugh-out-loud as I expected, but the writing and performance was incredible (all by the same guy) and it worked on lots of levels for me I think. I was amused and disgusted by, I empathized with, and also I pitied the main character all at once. Calling it a comedy is right, but not exactly right, but that’s ok. It’s lazy to confine yourself to a genre, I say! Make people think a little bit, they can handle it.

I have an hour or so to clean and make a plan for this week before I am busy for the rest of the night, so I better scoot and make my lists!