Bicycle Film Festival TOMORROW

It’s finally here! I’m so excited! It’s like Christmas eve! Check out the Bicycle Film Festival website and buy tickets before they sell out!

Here is coverage on She Does the City (awesome!)…

As if unspeakably amazing music (Wednesday), art (Thursday) and bike movies (Friday, Saturday) weren’t reason enough to come out, there are some special extras to look forward to as well! I know! Try not to get overwhelmed!! Here is a top 5 list…

  1. hotties on bikes – doesn’t everyone just look better riding a bike? Check out the talent!
  2. free bicycle valet -  feel classy with someone else parking your bike for you
  3. showing off – do you have a stylish vintage cruiser? a hot souped up speed bike? This is the crowd to bring it out to
  4. bike people – they just happen to be good people
  5. cracking a beer in the theatre – that’s just self-explanatory

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