Dance Dance Revolution

Soooo, I’m pretty settled into my job now. Still loving it, thanks for asking. I’m really learning a lot and getting so much out of it. Meanwhile I have been itching to do new things, as you know. I’ve got plenty up my sleeve, but I want to tell you about something that is very, very exciting to me.

Across from my office building is a dance studio. I see kids hanging out there, hear music blasting and we have an office-sponsored yoga class there every Friday at lunchtime that I like to attend. I have just found out they offer beginner hip hop dance classes every Wednesday for $12/hour class. I was apprehensive of course at first, but last night on my way home I passed the studio window and decided. No doubt in my mind. I am going to be a dancer.

Having zero to minimal dance training (ballet for figure skating as a kid and a brief stint in a breakdancing crew at university – Inverted Gravity whut?!) I don’t have any lofty aspirations for greatness or So You Think You Can Dance Canada. It just looks SO fun, don’t it? I love watching it so much and it would be so neat to learn how to move like that. I need the exercise and more importantly some rhythm, movement, excitement in my life. And thus, after I get my wisdom teeth out next Wednesday I will celebrate my recovery one week later by dancing like no one’s watching. I’m beside myself with excitement.

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