Me in a somewhat professional-sounding nutshell

I just had to write a new bio for a presentation I am helping to make for our research project. I’m pumped for the presentation, but writing things like this is not my favourite. I edited an older one I found online and wonder what things I was supposed to include, what things should I have not, should I make it sound more light-hearted with a well-placed, tasteful joke or should I make it sound more professional and use bigger words and call myself Ms. Lasch? These are big questions, but ultimately, few people will read it, right?:

Sarah Lasch has recently completed her master of arts in the joint program in Communication and Culture at Ryerson and York Universities in Toronto. She currently works as a researcher for the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson on a federally funded project on the business risks of online social networks. Sarah also has extensive experience working as a producer in television and film. Before moving to Toronto, she spent a year at the Banff New Media Institute working in an environment on the cutting edge of interactive technology. In 2004, she received her bachelor of arts honours in Media, Information and Technoculture at the University of Western Ontario. Sarah is a filmmaker and new media artist whose work uses humour on the the surface to facilitate a deeper focus on questions of identities of race, gender, and sexuality.

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