10 things I dig

Today I’m feeling a little bored and ill-at-ease and generally distracted for no reason. As a cure for that I will think of 10 rather selfish things that I dig very much to cheer me up in no particular order. They happen just rarely enough that I really appreciate it when they do:

1. getting rides in cars

2. good TV on DVDs

3. gummy bears and/or worms… also soft chocolate chip cookies

4. getting line bypass and in for free at concerts cause I know somebody

5. taking my socks off in bed after a long day and feeling soft sheets on my feet

6.  Sunday Family Dinner with my BFFs (bring it back!)

7. random compliments on my hair/clothes/good looks from people I look up to

8. tangibly finishing a project (knitting, sewing, writing, a shoot, etc.)

9. waking up early enough to not have to rush

10. Listening to music on headphones that fills my head and hits me just right

Thanks for bearing with me. I dig that you do that as well.

2 Responses to “10 things I dig”

  1. Phronk says:

    It’s the little things eh? Taking off socks and getting into bed is the best. As long as that’s happening every night, life can’t be all bad.

    P.S. You have very nice hair.

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