Plan B

I have to say, I’m really enjoying this interning gig at the Images Festival. I am working closely with huge publicity firm Planet3 Communications and I am getting a lot of hands-on experience writing press releases, contacting media, and attending events as a media and marketing rep for the festival. I really like the people I work with too.

I was chatting about “my life and what I’m going to do” with a friend today and he suggested since I am enjoying my internships so much and they are relevant, impressive ways to spend my time and gain experience for my career, maybe after my research contract ends I should just get a part time job to pay the bills (i.e. serving, coffee shop, retailing something cool) and concentrate on the internships. This way I can get the most of those experiences and it’s financially quite feasible. In the meantime I can continue my hunt for “the perfect job,” but without as much pressure as if I had no income whatsoever.

It might be something to think about.

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