So then why are you reading this?

I was thinking about my post last night and was pretty conflicted about it. My head screams at me inside it’s self “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LIFE, SARAH.” But then I thought of the one thing I keep hearing people say about Twitter, Facebook, blogging and all this online social networking goobledeegook, which is pretty fierce: “If you don’t like what I am putting out there, you don’t have to pay attention it.” So true. Or as Eminem says, “If y’all don’t like me, blow me.” It’s an awesome mantra to stand behind and makes me feel safe posting whatever I want up here.

Of course, people who don’t like me or what I say will read me. Obviously! It’s hella-fun to judge ridiculous people who you don’t agree with sometimes and hate on them a little bit. Oh well.

Also, it’s interesting that no one says that about critics (or maybe they do, I just don’t hear it). No one is like, “Shut up, Siskel and Ebert (I wish I had a more contemporary example, oh wait, I know…) Shut up, Pitchfork! No one cares what you think about my band. If you don’t like my music, don’t listen, eff you guys!” For some reason we think music, movies, and even TV are worthy of serious critique because it’s about a cultural consumer product therefore the almighty dollar, taste and reputation are at stake as opposed to someone’s silly twitter feed. Makes sense.

This entry was way longer than I expected it to be, but you know how much I care if y’all don’t like it.

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  1. Phronk says:

    Yeah I think it does make sense. Critics are being paid to advise people on how to spend their money. Much different than people expressing themselves without getting paid and without expecting people to pay for it. Plus it’s just everyday people, and you don’t tell ridiculous people in your everyday life to shut up. You just laugh at them and enjoy the trainwreck. Which is why I am here. Bwahahahaha

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