April is Autism Awareness Month

My cousin sent me a really fascinating story over the weekend that I haven’t been able to post until now:

There is an austic girl named Carly who has a very interesting and inspirational story. She is non-verbal but after years of intervention – she began to type and communicate via her computer. She has a blog  here:



Carly’s Voice


You can even follow her on twitter: http://twitter.com/CarlysVoice

The coolest thing is that she just decided last week that she wanted to be on Larry King Live – so she started an online petition and Larry got word and had her on his show that very thursday via skype with Jenny Mccarthy!

Here is footage from CNN:

My cousin runs an amazing site called Autism Zeitgeist. It’s a website for families and parents in Ontario that provides information on some of the complexities within an IBI program and the standards that apply to the ministry funded ABA program. Check out the site to find out all about it.

One Response to “April is Autism Awareness Month”

  1. Mike B says:

    This is very inspirational, and it’s so great that she has found ways to overcome her limitations and even get on TV to spread the word about it.

    It’s just too bad that she had to be on at the same time as Jenny McCarthy. She is an evil, evil person. If she was just a non-doctor saying she cured autism through diet and alien magic, she’d just be a mostly-harmless kook. But she actively tells people that vaccines cause autism (which they don’t). When people then avoid vaccines, they endanger themselves and the people around them. This has made thousands get sick and will cause hundreds to die. It’s not much better than murder.

    E.g., see http://www.jennymccarthybodycount.com

    Ugh, sorry for the tirade, but she’s just one of the few celebrities that actually pisses me off.

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