Very crappy guy on a bike

Yesterday, I was crossing Queen West of Bathurst at the legal crosswalk where the light was green for me and red for cars when some crappy person almost ran me over on a bike while running the red.

That fact alone doesn’t make him a crappy person. What makes him a crappy person is when he turned his head after passing me and called me an idiot. Mean eh? Totally unprovoked. I wasn’t mad and didn’t mouth off when he almost hit me when I had the right of way and he didn’t stop AND THEN he turns around and calls me a mean name? Like, what the heck? Tough guy almost hits a small girl on his bike and it’s his fault and then he’s a jerk about it.

Anyway, I figure he was probably not good at riding his brand new fix gear and was worried he would get his tire caught in the street car tracks and fall and look dumb and his stupid skinny jeans were too tight and he was taking it out on me. Meanie. I bet he has no friends because he’s so disrespectful and not nice to look at.

I called after him to eff off in my high pitched defenseless girl voice but he kept riding of course. Wimp. Made me feel so small. I looked out for him for a little while after that so I could give him a piece of my mind and I imagined him feeling very bad about his meanness after I got through to him, but of course I never saw him again. I didn’t feel bad about it for long though, because that is probably what he wanted.

4 Responses to “Very crappy guy on a bike”

  1. Mike B says:

    What an asshole.

    I think some people lash out when they realize they’ve made a mistake. Like anger at themselves carries over to anger at other people…which makes no sense.

    If he keeps making the mistake of biking through red lights, though, he probably won’t be an asshole (or anything) for long.

  2. sarah says:

    Well I hope he doesn’t get hurt or anything.

  3. Minh Im says:

    While I’m sure he’d appreciate your concern, it sounds to me like this guy’s got his head
    waaay too far up his ass to hear: believe me, I’ve known the type. I’d agree with Mike,
    there’s probably a fleet of trucks out there with his name on them, and I’m not suggesting he owns a moving company. If that guy doesn’t check his melon it’s gonna get twisted.
    Too skinny pants on a rider? That could have been the problem (ie knickers in a knot).

  4. Alex says:

    Sounds like a “fixie” rider. heh

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