Carousel: A Cinema 21:9 Production

More cool interactive advertising, this one is for Philips, I wanted to share:


2 Responses to “Carousel: A Cinema 21:9 Production”

  1. Evil Clown Posse says:

    WTF? Check out how awesome this horrific massacre looks on our super big screen! See that evil clown blow up that old lady in the wheel chair? See that clown put a gun in the mouth of that cop? Doesn’t make you wanna buy this TV? Sick fuckin world.

  2. Mike B says:

    Oh come on, this is just awesome. Of course fucked up violence is entertaining; to deny our dark instincts would make the problem even worse. Better to see it on a nice new television than in real life.

    I’m not really feeling the ambilight stuff though, or the need to redefine what widescreen is. Seems like an attempt to sell something that nobody asked for. Still, what a kickass way to sell it.

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