Dix Sept Encore

WARNING: This is my second mildly offensive/unprogressive post in a row… but… I saw 17 Again with Lori (I have to implicate someone else too) last night. I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t recommend it. I wouldn’t even admit that I saw it, really. Only to you, because I know you won’t judge me. But yes, I liked watching it fine. Here’s my overview:

  • acting = great
  • story = fine
  • late 80s pop culture references = sweet
  • happy ending = of course
  • corn factor = not that bad
  • zac efron = very very cute
  • matthew perry = unattractive and too chandler-esque, but limited screen time

Take from this what you will… I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

dis sept encore

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  1. lori says:

    pshaw! I have totally been recommeding it. And on top of teen talk like totally.

    But I can’t convince my coworker who still “hates his face.”

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