The commute on a long board

Riding to work today on my slow bike, I really have time to let my mind wander. Riding on Queen Street West and my old stomping grounds past the Much Music building strip, I noticed an interesting trend: early to mid-thirties males riding their long boards to work. A little bit of grey in their hip hairdos, chuck taylors, messenger bags heavy with laptops, and expensive jeans and dickies just cruising beside the streetcar tracks, taking those corners like pros. I saw about five of these stereotypes on my way in. Fascinating! At first, I rolled my eyes – I think this is the automatic reaction that I have learned from living in Toronto for the past few years (how dare you try and be cool in my city, for shame!), but it only took me a second to reconsider.

“Hey! All you guys riding your long boards is probably a pretty sweet idea!” I didnt say that, but I for sure thought that in my head. How awesome is that, right? I love it for a couple reasons. First, people are instantly transformed into ten year olds the second they put a foot on a skateboard. I love it, they look like little kids pushing their way stoically down the street to their very serious jobs at their hip design firm to deal with their big client for that presentation the team slaved over nights and weekends, but awww! How cute! You are a fifth grader! Also, in terms transportation heirarchy, I would place long boards fairly high up. It’s not as respectable as a bike, but it’s also not as evil as a car or as annoying as a streetcar and it’s faster than walking. So I think long boarders can hold their heads pretty high. And lastly, maybe for the reason the idea first turned me off, long boarding is kinda weird and cool. It’s try-hard, but that’s like all things these days it has to be so cool it becomes uncool and then because it’s uncool it’s cool again! Like mesh-back caps! So what if you’re a yuppy on a longboard to try and hang on to your youth that you imagined you were cool during? I say rock your long board like it’s nobody’s business and don’t pay attention to would-be haters like me. And good luck on that big presentation.

longboard commute

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  1. Grumpy Stranger says:

    I fucking hate those things. I hate all skateboards. They’re idiotic as transportation. Adults should not be on skateboards.


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