A Career Coming of Age

I think one of the biggest milestones a young professional encounters is when they are looking for a job, they are offered an opportunity, and they decline because it is not the right fit. I remember years ago when I was first trying to get my foot in the door, I was looking for ANYTHING IN THE MEDIA to just gain experience and prove myself. I would have felt lucky to be employed really anywhere.

I feel empowered to tell you the truth, because I was offered a position that I decided to decline. When I first applied, the posting sounded right for me, but once I went forward in the recruitment process, I realized that although the position is roughly related to what I would like to do and would pay a good salary, it ultimately is not a good fit for me and I wouldn’t want to be doing those types of duties everyday. Although I feel very fortunate for the opportunity, I respectfully withdrew my application.

This comes with a sense of “arrival” that I am sure more seasoned careerists have experienced often. I hope I’m not sounding too corny, but if I was giving advice to my younger, greener self I would say, “Have faith in yourself, know and focus on what you want to do, and you’ll get there soon. Don’t worry, little buddy.”

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