200 pork dumplings

Yesterday, some friends and I hung out for 5 hours and handmade almost 200 pork dumplings. It was really fun! Tonight I made them (you must boil them 4 times) for eating, which was also fun. To make the sauce I had to run to the corner store and buy chives, ginger, sriracha sauce and white vinegar. How awesome is it that I had to mince ginger to make something? And I now have a whole bottle of sriracha sauce in my cupboard! Very cool ingredients that are outside of what I usually cook with. THE BUMMER THOUGH: I have no chop sticks. Not even disposable ones from takeout. Almost ruined the experience, so sad right? It’s a good chance to get some new chopsticks though. That’s also exciting. My mom is ChineseĀ  and born in Canada and I’m not that close to that part of my culture. Therefore, I get a big kick out of learning more about this stuff and making it a part of my life. Soon we will meet up and I will learn how to play mah jong.

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  1. Phronk says:

    I printed out the dumpling recipe from that exact blog and it is now on my fridge to be tried soon! This is either a huge coincidence or I found it through you then forgot where I found it.

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