Few items of business

How am I supposed to post blogs all the time?? Full time jobs are awesome in many respects, don’t get me wrong, but they hinder my ability to write about myself and things that I think on the internet for no one to see.

So for now while I have a few moments, I will let you know the happy-hap.

Here is some footage of Andrew Austin and the Fuss from the concert I booked at the Horseshoe.

That’s right, I booked a concert. They packed the placeĀ  and the guys were awesome. I was so thrilled and appreciative of a lot of my friends for coming out. This of course signals my show booking career retirement. Too stressful and businessy!! I will stick to more wimpy things to help out musicians like talking to writers about music and making pretty video interpretations of songs.

Also I met the lovely and talented Jason Chu when he came out and reviewed the show. Notice he said that the band brought their “A-game,” which I only understood the punniness of after the fact. Brilliant! Read it here: http://www.nxew.ca/2010/01/review-andrew-austin-and-fuss-at.html

Gots my hairs cutted and as is my vain tradition I will post a picture. People who have seen have told me they like, so I’m not trying to fish for compliments here, please don’t it makes me uncomfortable I’m serious, but I don’t really like to be honest. My hair never sits right. But whatever! Only hair. It’s way shorter now!

Photo 98

I was sick last week but feeling better now and back in action for a number of deadlines and exciting things happening at work. Work is great when you like it, eh? I wish it didn’t take up so much of my time, but it’s my own fault for not having enough energy after work to keep going. Still working on that. I’m also really strongly considering picking up a Canon T1i that all the kids are talking about. It’s a real commitment though and I feel like if I spend all that money on such an extravagant thing I better make sure I have the time and the will to actually make the most of it. Maybe for my birthday in May I can work my lifestyle around that. That seems like a good goal.

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