What a niiiiiiiiiiight

So I took a video of the Tallest Man on Earth show I went to on Saturday. I posted it on YouTube and then I saw other videos from the same show that are closer and better. But whatever, it’s not a competition.

I spent the rest of the weekend celebrating Roger and Andrea’s bday at Will’s chalet. I made a new entry for it on foursquare and now I’m the mayor. It was totally good times. So many good people around in a beautiful place outside the city. Quite a little departure in debauchery for me, and I didn’t even go as hard as some of the friends there. I’m so excited for the summer.

Oh, I also have short hair now.

Photo 115

3 Responses to “What a niiiiiiiiiiight”

  1. Making says:

    Making your way in the world today, takes everything you got?

  2. Question Mark says:

    Clearly I’ve been away from Toronto too long, since when I left, you had short hair. Did I miss out on five months when you looked like Rapunzel?

  3. Another says:

    The hair isnt too short. This pic looks alba-esque.

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