Acting career starts now and a story about a baby blanket

Today I’m meeting my buddy Charmaine and I’m going to go to a one of those fancy gym yoga classes on a guest pass with her. I’m a little nervous, but only because I don’t have any Lululemon to wear. My yoga outfit consists of sweatpants and my old soft ball jersey. Is that ok? I figure my impressive yoga skills will uphold my dignity and I have my own mat, so there.

Also new in whims with me is I’m considering going to an extra’s general casting call tomorrow morning for a TV network. I’ve never ever thought about acting or being in front of the camera ever in my entire life so I think it might be somewhat of a lark now that I’m almost 30. Maybe I can do some “background work” to pass the time. I’m not ruling it out, anyway. Hilarious.

I’m crocheting a baby blanket that looks pretty sweet so far.babyblank
Check out the great colours on that. I have a baby in mind for this one, but there is a lot of pressure because there are so many babies around lately. I want to tell you the story about my trip to visit my mom in Ottawa and buying the wool for this. My mom had an emailed 40% off coupon for only one item from the store and only one per visit and she printed out 10. We went through the check-out to each buy an individual ball of wool with a coupon, put them in the car, went to get a Starbucks and a book at Chapters and then went back to each buy two more balls with the coupon and then went to look in Globo and buy shoes and waste time before conspicuously going back through the checkout, etc, etc. We had a big box store adventure that lasted way longer than I’m willing to admit and ended up spending more money then we saved by going through the covert operation. The blanket is 40% off as a result though. My mom is a tireless shopper and absolutely relentless when she is on a mission so spending time with her inspires me and gives me energy when usually I would have much rather bought everything at once at regular price and got home and out of big box store world as soon as humanly possible. She insisted and I just followed her lead. The check-out workers must have thought we were huge a-holes though. Like, “Who do you think you’re fooling, ladies? We see you every time with your printed coupons, sheesh.” The baby I am making this for will grow up and read this and either feel special for us going through all the trouble and effort of saving the $30 on her present which will make it even more valuable in her heart or she will see her blanket as cheap and tainted and feel incredibly betrayed for having loved the blanket her whole life based on a lie. We’ll have to wait and see what sort of person she grows up to be I guess.

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  1. Maisie says:

    Hmmm….very interesting story about your mom. I am sure the baby will value the blanket regardless of the “cheapness” in the lack of $ spent . It will be your thoughtfulfness and the countless hours that you took to make it, which will make the gift “priceless”

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