slacking or networking?

So I just sent in my applications for CTV. I feel a little sore about applying at a place I got laid off at, but at the same time it was a wholly different department and that place is so big and confusing right now that most departments and happenings within the one company are completely unrelated. The good thing is I talked to an HR person there who will make sure my application “gets to the right person.” Which means very little in the long run I suppose, but it is better than the usual sending of these applications into black holes.

There is a strange tension for me in applying to postings. I know that the HR departments will get literally hundreds of applications and there is only a teeny tiny chance that anyone will even look at your resume or cover letter no matter how awesome they are. At the same time, there is an opening there! In black and white! They are looking to hire someone like me exactly in a position that I would be amazing for and love to do! You actually have to apply, right? So yes, much of the job searcher’s time is taken applying to these pipe dreams when 80% of the job market is HIDDEN. Yep, you can’t even see it, but it’s out there…

That is why I am really trying to work my networks, which are growing. So far my experience with networking has been positive too. A problem that I am running into though is that I go for lunch with someone and we have an awesome time and I think they are a great person, but in actuality, they can’t really do anything for me really. Very few people have any real power or contacts in what I want to do, to be honest. So really, hanging out with these people isn’t so much networking as slacking on my job search, right?

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