Go Straight Fast*

*title unabashedly stolen from this blog which talks about the Devil Strip Rollers sprints at a secret chocolatey location last night.

It was really fun and good-energied. Bike people are the best people, you know? You probably wish you were there. Maybe next week.

I am going to post pictures soon, but have been so swamped that I haven’t… YET.

BFF Toronto Chrome Bag Prize!

In the meantime enjoy this again, unabashed sleazy promo for the Bicycle Film Festival. Catch it in Toronto June 18-21. You will love it! We sponsored an awesome prize for the sprints winner which included an awesome bag (see above), no less than 4 beers and a pass to the BFF, and more! There’s more lovin where that came from. And when I say “lovin”, I mean “swag”… I just hate the word swag.

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