about blurb

I’m a mid-to-late-twenties female with a passion for media, music, friendships, learning, and improving and I’m making my way in the world today. I live in Toronto.

At the moment, I’ve got a job I’m into in my field – that is generally media, but more specifically production, advertising and interactive in a creative environment. After I received my MA in Communication and Culture and was unleashed upon the “real world,” I was beginning to give up hope in finding a job I would enjoy, but it all turned out O.K. No need to worry about me! This site started out as an addendum to my resume to make me look good to prospective employers , but now I use it to share all sorts of stuff… and make me look good.

Here I might post about concerts, art shows, lectures, workshops, and career advice. I’m also prone to post reviews or just babble about TV-, movies-, music-related things. Oh, and my craft creations go up on here too so I can show them off. Hmm… what else? I talk sometimes about about bikes and biking, social aspects of technology, life lessons because I’m a know-it-all, fashion, lists of things I think of, and anything else I think is cool, which I guess is a lot.

You can email me … srahberry at g mail dot you-know-the-rest.