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Facebook Info

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Mindlessly browsing old friends’ facebook profiles after I come home on a Friday night finally yielded some happy results. Look what I stumbled upon:


The secret of facebook is to go on ONLY for specific reasons for short increments of time not very often so it doesn’t suck you in. Usually after only 5 minutes of browsing around while bored, I just feel so terrible about myself because I’m a creepy loser and must feel insecure and be compensating by judging my “friends” on facebook. Total truth.

Simultaneously, I feel bad about the poor, innocent people that i (used to) know because via FB they show me too much information, they awkwardly try-too-hard or – let’s face it – some people are just extremely lame. I find myself subconsciously visiting those classic profiles of people who are just so delightfully messy. Don’t deny it, you know a couple on your list too. You know you can stop by and count on them to have new weird and awkward pictures, long and revealing notes, or ridiculous status updates all of which tickles you somewhere satisfying, deep inside while at the same time making you cringe… Out of a mix of insecurity, naivety, self-importance/ self-delusion, and poor judgment, they embarrass themselves online for all the friends on their list to witness – much like a car crash you can’t look away. Can you?

NO GOOD CAN EVER COME OF THIS!! I am going to close this thing now and quit while I’m ahead. People are awesome, like funny dodgeball friend who was a year older than me in university and now lives in Hamilton with his lovely wife! I must close facebook before I discover otherwise and my faith in humanity and the people I “know” will remain intact, at least for today.